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*ahem* It's, uh, Friday, everyone.

Yeeehaw! Fri-day FRIDAY fri-DAY... Thank you, lord for delivering me from the rest of this shitty, hot-ass week to this glorious friday. Thank you for the 12-pack that thou wilt deliver unto me (via Barry's Liquor Store) later this evening. Thank you for allowing me to only have three patients today, instead of eight. Thank you for making the earth a fertile place, in which the wonderful cannabis sativa can flourish, especially in california and moreso in northern california. Thank you for giving me a job that doesn't require drug tests. Not that I would profane to smoke the beautiful cannabis, I just like how it looks. Yeah, that's it. But, umm, my FRIENDS (cough) smoke it, and if I were, perchance, *around* them when they smoked it, I might accidentally inhale some and then I would be busted, crusted and dusted. Well, if I were drug tested, that is. Speaking of drug-testing, one last thing, oh wise and benevolent lord: Thank you for delivering me from the stupid-ass army in time to not be brainwashed by them.

Have a good weekend everyone.