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Just slightly hung over...

But that's ok. I had such a good time in chat last night. Actually a good time in chat all day and night yesterday! ;-) Those guys just slay me!

Well, today starts the BBQ party. Doob, Pat, Mike, John, MamaHen, SPOOFE and Monster104 are all heading up today and will stay the night. It will be like a big slumber party, yay! ;-) Then tomorrow is the BBQ.

Hopefully I won't get as wasted as last time. I must temper my drinking, or drink water or something. Doob, take my drinks when I'm not looking and spike them with water or something. No, don't do that, that would taste icky. Just *replace* them with water, ok? ;-)

unmercutio snapped a really funny picture of me off my webcam last night. Look at the tag on the picture. He cracks me up!

Well, have a great friday everyone and, to those driving up to our house: Drive safe! Traffic is nuts around here!


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Aug. 10th, 2001 08:23 am (UTC)
Have fun you party animal you! Tyler and I are gonna do the decorator thing, so we'll drink a 'rita to you guys.
(Deleted comment)
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