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My patient just told me he was sorry he had to reschedule so many times but he had an "infestation". I was, like, "Hmmm, well, that's ok. An infestation huh? An infestation of what?" And he tells me, "Oh lice or something like that (SCABIES)." Then he proceeds to pull up his shirt and show me his hairy, scabby back and tells me how it's getting better.


Only three more hours until I can get home and into a scalding shower or, if that doesn't work, set myself on fire.

Dec. 16th, 2010

I've been eating a lot of fast food recently. I just got burned out being in school and was busy ALL the time and emotionally fatigued (like fast food is going to help that) and it was just easier to get a burger or whatever. That also means I have been drinking a lot of soda. Normally I think soda is nasty and I've never drank much of it, ever. Dr. Pepper is the only acceptable soda to drink, of course, maybe Mr. Pibb in a pinch. Anyway, I got a breakfast burrito at Carl's Jr. this morning and a Dr. Pepper, a "medium" drink, which is like Big Gulp size, of course. But the whole cup was crammed with ice and there was only like a teaspoon of Dr. Pepper in the cup! WTF? Now I am craving a Dr. Pepper. Give me a Dr. Pepper please. I'm a pepper.

We watched the season finale of Dexter last night. Jesus, this was a great season, again. I loved Julia Stiles' character and how she and Dexter played off each other. We also continue to watch Glee (the Grinch thing was hilarious and Coach Beast continues to play on my sympathies) and Walking Dead (good, but I want more out of it and some of the things they do are SO stupid!)

Shan got me new scotch glasses as a "graduation" present and so I had to put one of those to use last night. I put one through quite a bit of use last night, actually. Little foggy this morning. That's ok though, as our work holiday party is this afternoon so I only have half a day of work today, woo hoo!
Oh my god, you would not believe what a fucking INCREDIBLE day I had today!

Ok, not really, but I learned in my speech class that you should start off with impact, you know, as an attention getter. I think I will start every LJ post with that sentence above.

Anyway, I was just thinking about standing, and how much I hate to do it. Whenever I am standing I'm always thinking about how long it will be before I can sit down again. I've always been a lazy bastard but I think being in the army was what really made me hate standing. We always stood for the most pointless reasons. When I was in this field unit we would have three or four "formations" a day where we would gather together and just stand there in rows while some fool told us what we did, what we were doing or what we would do, or just ranted pointlessly at us. When I think that I could have been sitting all that time that I was standing it makes my ass burn. Parades were the worst, we would stand in rows for hours, no kidding. People would pass out from standing there so long. And it was generally for some old guy who was retiring and was also bitter about having to waste time there, looking out at all of us standing when we could have been sitting. Who knows, we could have even been sitting with beers.

In other news I have an incredibly stinky patient today. It's one of those patients where, even after you go home and take a bath in isopropyl alcohol and then set yourself on fire, you still feel dirty and infected. You feel filthy to the marrow.

Happy Friday!
Last night I was escorted out of my political science class by an officer who told me there had been "an incident". After I had a heart attack thinking Shannon was killed in a horrific car accident he told me someone was claiming I hit their car in the parking lot. When I went down to check out the scene I see a car parked in front of mine, the front end of which is totally jacked up, touching license plates with my truck, the front end of which is pristine. The other driver claimed that I crashed into their car, causing much of that damage, lol. The cop on the scene basically laughed at them but I had to give a statement and talk to my insurance and junk. What a pain in the ass. The guy's car was shitty, too. I could at least understand if he had a nice car with some significant damage that he wanted to get repaired by his insurance at "no fault" but his shit was trashed. People are idiots(and liars)!

One month left of school then I am freeeeeee!
I don't normally gush in public [while sober] but I just have to say, I love my sweet wife!

I've been crazy busy lately. Besides working full time I'm in class three nights a week, one of which has required a lot more work than I thought it would. I'm also working on re-accrediting my nuclear lab and studying for BLS/ACLS certification. Also, Shan and I have been going to the gym early in the morning, which means going to bed earlier, leaving less time in the evening to do homework/clean/etc. On top of all that we've had a busy social calendar with full weekends. So, generally, every single day and night I've been busy with something and haven't had much time for Shan. She's been a champ about it though, picking up the cleaning and stuff I haven't had time for and encouraging me to keep kicking butt. Last night I came home (from volunteering for our mayor's city council re-election campaign, yet another thing for one of my classes) to a spotless house with romantic music playing, candles lit and a delicious smell wafting out of the kitchen. Shan made home made vodka sauce and rigatoni, salad and we had wine and ate by candlelight. It was delicious and romantic and awesome. Then, when it was time for bed, I went upstairs to find my room spotless too, with more candles, NEW BEDDING, all made up perfectly and even chocolate Kisses on the pillows!

The rest is private but, lord do I love that woman! :)
I've been very busy lately. I'm taking three evening classes at the JC that I need to finish my hippy degree. Shan and I have been going to the gym at 5:30 in the morning most weekdays, so we go to bed earlier than usual. I've been training for a half-marathon too, though not on a strict schedule, so I run after work sometimes too. I'm also going to be volunteering on a couple campaigns (No on 23 and one of our city council members). Of course I am still working full time too. Oh yeah, and then of course Halo: Reach and Starcraft II came out recently... ;) I'm also trying to quit smoking again, which is fucking depressing and lame. We'll also (hopefully, who knows with this stupid weather) have about 700 pounds of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to vinify sometime in the next two or three weeks. Overall I'm just wiped out. I'm tired, mentally and physically. I can not wait until December 19th, last day of classes.

In better news, I have lost 30 pounds since my all time fat-assitude record of 240 last year. I don't really have a goal weight, other than to one day see my abs and, after a big drinking binge and the subsequent hellacious dehydration, I can almost see them! I figure if I don't lose more weight I can just stay in a perpetual state of dehydration to look good...for the ladies.
A weird thing about being on Facebook all the time (and not being on the SDMB or LJ much anymore) is that I am starting to forget people's message board usernames. It's a strange paradigm shift, since that is all I knew many people by for years and now they are filed in my brain under their real, full names and I have to struggle sometimes to remember what their handles were.

And, since I'm here, in other news:

Our Xbox got the Red Ring of Death the other day. I took it apart and re-seated the video and CPU heatsinks and got it running. But then, after I put the case back on, it went back to RRoD. Last night I cooked it by wrapping it in a blanket and letting it overheat and that did the trick, so it's working again. We'll see how long it lasts. I have one of the new, slim, 250GB Xbox models being delivered today anyway, so now Shan and I can play Left4Dead together (I usually play on PC) without using stupid split screen.

School is going well. Taking the last three classes I need for my hippie degree: Government, Speech and an ethnic studies class. Staying busy with that reading/work. All of the classes are pretty fun so far. Plus, my ethnic studies teacher is hot. There's something extra-enticingly dirty about undressing a feminist with your eyes.

Half marathon training is going good so far. I have my longest run so far coming up tomorrow, six miles. It's pretty tough on the feet and knees of this old Clydesdale, but I will carry on because it's the most effective way to lose all the weight I have put on, oh, since high school. Actually I think this is the lightest I've been since my army days, but I still feel fat, bah. Some people have muscle memory, I have beer gut memory.

Should be a fun weekend. Tonight is Old School Chat Night, tomorrow afternoon Shan and I are going to Healdsburg for a beer fest in the square then Sunday is up for grabs. I really want to go out to the coast because Shan has never seen whales before and there are some hanging out right off Bodega Head, there's also a festival going on at Annadel/Spring Lake Park all this weekend and then we may go over to a friend's house to watch football Sunday evening. In any case, there will be no rest for the wicked, and no rest in the foreseeable future. I'll rest when I die.

Speaking of dying, I'm going to attempt to quit smoking, yes, AGAIN. Picking up Chantix today.

Woot, Friday!
Haha, oh no, fuck, I write like Dan Brown.


Little fuckers! I got stung in the back of the neck doing something extremely stupid (spraying bees with the hose to get them away from the trash can). I was like, "Ahahaha, drown you swarming little bastards!" and then noticed that like ten of them were flying around my head so I dropped the hose, screamed like a little girl and ran inside, but it was too late! Drat! Now I am stung AND have full trash/recycle bins. Maybe the homeless guy who always collects our bottles will take them out.

Also, the San Francisco symphony officially went into my phone spam list today. They call me like every week, even though I have told them NOT to call any more. Fuck you SF symphony!

Jul. 12th, 2010

Back to life, back to reality...

Fun, but exhausting weekend. Back to the grind today. Shan and I have been pretty faithful about getting up around 5:30 every morning and going to the gym every weekday. It was a little tougher to pull myself out of bed this morning with her gone, but I persevered. We should do it on weekends too but, you know, the staying up late drinking thing kind of gets in the way of that. Shan gets back tonight and then I head out next Friday to Vegas for my nuclear medicine conference. I decided to not go to the big one this year since they are having it in Salt Lake City(Zzzzz). Hopefully it returns to a fun city next year. Ah, I see it is in San Antonio next year. SA is ok, I lived there for a year when I was attending x-ray school in the service. Not really an exciting travel destination though, bummer. In past years it's been in Toronto, New Orleans, DC, San Diego, Philly and Vancouver. What's up with the boring cities now? Oh well, Vegas will be cool, plus it's quick and dirty, meaning I can get all my CMEs in about 48 hours. Plus, blackjack.

My tummy needs noodles!