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Stage 2

Well, I played WoW all day when I got home so I just finished watching stage 2. ;) It wasn't a very exciting race for most of the course, other than a breakaway group of three first time Tour riders(Ruben Perez, Cedric Herve and Marcel Sieberg) survived in front of the peloton for an amazingly long time, up until about five miles before the end when they were finally reeled in. About halfway through the race it started getting wet, then it got wetter, then it got real wet. And then...it got dry again, heh. A couple miles from the finish the teams were really pushing hard to get their sprinters into position and BAM, someone fell and there was a huge pileup of about 30 people all down on the road. It looked like a few people got hurt pretty bad, including Cancellara, the current leader as well as one of the Discovery Channel riders. Hopefully their injuries won't keep them from finishing the race. In a funny twist, during the final sprint, after Team Quickstep pulled off a perfect setup for Tom Boonen to win the race, he couldn't quite keep up and his domestique, Steegmans, won! Boonen took second place. It was all good though, since the team is Belgian, they were all happy with the result.

My recording cut out before the end so I didn't see the podium but I believe Cancellara will hold onto the yellow jersey for one more day. Since the crash happened during the last three km, everyone gets the same time as the group they were in during the crash, and since everyone was in the same group, everyone should get the same time. Millar will keep the King of the Mountains jersey, as there were no hill stages today. Tom Boonen will take the green jersey as overall points leader.

The big thumbs down for the day goes to Cedric Herve, who tries to steal all the sprints, even though the points do him no good, when he should be sharing the bonuses with the other two people who helped pull him in the breakaway.

Big thumbs up goes to Marcel Sieberg, who not only stops Herve from stealing the other two sprints, but sets up Perez to win the third one. Great sportsmanship there, and a valiant attempt at a win to boot.

Well done to the Belgian team for bringin' it home!


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Jul. 10th, 2007 10:17 pm (UTC)
lol, that IS his nickname now!
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