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Stage 3

After yesterday's big crash, one of team Discovery Channel's riders dropped out due to multiple fractures of the thumb. A very boring stage today. Long, straight roads brought the riders back into and through France. There was an early breakaway, as usual, that didn't seem to have much of a chance. The peloton decided to take it easy though, and rode at an average speed of about 20 miles per hour for most of the ride. That's something even *I* could do. Well, not over 200 and some km, but I could easily do it over 50-75 km on flats and easy rollers. I'm thinking it was a combination of wanting to give all the injured riders a chance to recover and also wanting a little rest before the climbing stages begin tomorrow. Anyway, the breakaway made it all the way to the final km, with the peloton showing little desire to catch them. Finally Cancellara had had enough and decided to pursue them and keep his yellow jersey for one more [and his last] day. I have to admit, it was endearing to see the riders all smiling and chatting to each other, joking with each other and hamming it up to the cameras, but I fast forwarded through much of the race.

Props to Cancellara for his long srpint to the win today.

Tomorrow is when the real race begins, with a few of the "easier" class climbs.