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David's computer died a year or two ago. After diagnosing it I was sure it was the motherboard. Basically the computer would power on, display a line or two of the BIOS then the video would drop out and the HD would stop spinning. I took all the components out at the time so the only thing it could have been was the MB or the video card(or the PSU, but since it was powering on ok, staying on and not overheating I ruled that out). So, I replaced the MB and it was still broken. Arrgghh! After that, I was sure it must be the video card, but I didn't have a spare to test on it and David never bought a new one, so the computer has sat, along with all the other computer components, monitors, etc in the garage, idle. Last night I was cleaning out the Drawer 'O Components(modems from the early 90s, original Soundblaster cards, sticks and sticks and sticks of old RAM, fans, processors, MBs, cables, etc.) and I found an old PCI video card. I decided to try it out and it actually booted up and started spinning up the HD and loading the OS and then, wah wah wah it died. The only other thing it could have been was the PSU, so I plugged in the PSU from one of the other computers to his MB(I like to call it an umbilicus, since I didn't remove the PSU from the original computer...CLEAR!) from one of my other computers and bravo, it started back up. I never suspected the PSU because the power always stayed on and, in my experience, the power supply either works or it shuts off at some point. But anyway, it was cool to revive that computer after so long in the dust. And it was strange that, after a year or two, I still couldn't grasp that it was the PSU until after I tried to use a different video card. I think that old video card just drew less power or something and allowed the computer to run longer before the video died. Now I just have to clean tons of trojans, spyware and adware off it and it needs a serious defragging. It was like 87% fragmented, lol.