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Oh yeah

When we got home from our epic weekend we found our cable had been upgraded. Now we have real, grown up cable like everyone else, with lots of HD channel(as opposed to the 10 or so we had before) and ON DEMAND, wooo! The best part: Our internet bandwidth is insanely fast!

Hell yes!

Edit: Also, another piece of good news I got when I got home. I filled out a "sailing resume" with The Moorings last week and they emailed back to say I was eligible to charter any of their boats up to 41' in any of the locations! Cool, so I'm thinking maybe we can do a Baja cruise for a week, or long weekend or something.


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Jan. 29th, 2008 01:43 am (UTC)
Jan. 29th, 2008 02:03 am (UTC)
Dear gods. What internet plan are you on? They just messed with the lines here, and I'm still only getting 4mb/350kb
Jan. 29th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
Comcast's regular cable. It used to be pretty slow, this is just recent.
Jan. 29th, 2008 05:24 am (UTC)
Weak! They didn't do that for me. :(
Jan. 29th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
Hmmm...is that fast? What cable are you on, Comcast?

I just did the test to SF there and got 32670 and 2219.
Jan. 29th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
Yeah it's pretty good for home service.
Jan. 29th, 2008 03:28 pm (UTC)
My question is, what is your monthly download quota with Comcast? I've been hearing ugly stories they are seriously limited the types (mostly P2P) and quality (in MB) of downloads. Then charging overages, thus why I've stuck with DSL for so long... oh, and that Comcast TV service is way overpriced for what they were offering. Or has that changed now too?
Jan. 29th, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
I've never had a quota or overcharges using Comcast and I've DLed and uploaded thousands and thousands of MB some months. It's true that their services are overpriced, though now that is less so with the service upgrade. For my internet and cable, including DVR, HD and HBO I think my bill is about $115/month. I consider that still too much, but with the HD TV is too much fun to watch, lol.
Jan. 29th, 2008 11:25 pm (UTC)
Off-topic, but your avatar is win. Have you seen the clip of him delivering the greatest movie line ever? (NSFW)
Jan. 29th, 2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
lol, I'm definitely trying that one this weekend!
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