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I just realized the familiar feeling that wearing these braces was giving me. It's just like wearing plastic vampire teeth! You know, they never line up just right so there's a pressure on your teeth, and there's the feeling of junk filling your mouth, keeping you from eating or talking right.

The most recent motorcycle I was looking at was sold but I have an email in to yet another Cragslist guy.(edit: sold, JESUS) I'm thinking about just buying a new bike now, after all this hassle of looking for a good used one but I'm not quite ready to drop $7k on a bike when I could get a fun boat for that much.

In other news, I dropped my 10 lbs of water weight from being on Atkins. That's always a nice feeling, though it pops right back on as soon as you eat a single cracker or potato chip. I should be doing better but I've stopped exercising for a variety of poor excuses.

We're going for a hike on Sunday at an as of yet unopened park in Sonoma County called Tolay Lake Regional Park. I've been following it for a year or two now, meaning to get in on a docent tour. It seems like an interesting site.