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WoW Stuff

I dinged 70 on my 5th toon yesterday. It's a tauren feral druid named...Democritus! I'm pvping with him right now to get all the season 2 arena gear that is now buyable with honor as of yesterday. I saved up enough honor for four pieces of the Merciless Gladiator's Sanctuary set, which is pretty awesome for tanking druids like me, because the resilience makes me uncrittable by boss mobs. As a new level 70 it lets me walk right in to tanking heroics. I listed all my toons in my profile with links to their Armory pages because I am a big nerd.

I'm missing my baby affliction lock that I started on a realm with a RL friend and stopped playing due to...ummm character conflicts I guess, lol. They only play on Mondays so I think I'm going to play the lock other days and split time between my druid to get the lock up to 70. Server transfers open for the realm I mostly play on (Cairne-H) in August, so I figure I'll transfer the lock over then so I can play her with the guild I'm in. In fact, I'll probably transfer all my horde toons to that guild in August.



Jun. 25th, 2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
Feral druids can actually have NO defense and be fine with resil only since they don't rely on block, parry, etc. Most druids eventually spec to be uncrittable with def only because of the itemization that has more armor and HP on the def gear than you can get with resil gear.

There was a pretty good thread on the wow LJ community about shadow priest spell rotations. No one ever came to a consensus about whether to use VE or not. It seemed like it all depended on the gearing of the rest of the raid.

Are you guys planning on doing any 25 man stuff? I'd be interested in seeing BT and Mt Hyjal at some point, although I don't know if I'll have the initiative to gear up my Garona toons any time soon, heh.