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Feb. 3rd, 2009

Woo, I paid off my car today! What a great feeling. This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday I got my hair cut and in the evening we went to have diner with some old high school buddies of mine. A couple of them I hadn't seen since high school and the other two I've only seen off and on, so it was awesome to have everyone together in one spot. We totally geeked out over the old days. Sunday we went down to Third St Aleworks and drank(and drank) and watched the game. It was pretty exciting and I did my standard "root for whoever Shan is not rooting for" thing, so that made it fun to talk trash and get excited at all the turnovers. Yesterday was recovery day and I also took my truck in for service, which has been due for quite a while. Stopped by REI for some comfy camping pants and a jacket(I haven't owned a jacket in forever, but I'm getting old, and cold) and Circuit City for some clearance DVDs. Played WoW most of the day and just vegged.

School is back in full swing and I'm swamped with reading and studying. I gotta get on that.