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Took my college writing test on Friday(easy). Had class Saturday, gave a presentation on...my boss(we had to interview a local immigrant). Saturday evening was David's B-day and there were a crapton of kids there. I hid in my cave and played WoW while the kids rocked Guitar Hero. They did pretty good, no drama or puking that I heard about, though it did fall upon me to quiet them down at 3 AM. Sunday was chill, more video games and some local-based movies: Bottle Shock and Humboldt County, both of which were pretty good. The main character in Bottle Shock was so annoying though, it made it hard to watch even though the rest was interesting.

Speaking of bottle shock, I need to get my wine in the barrel. I've been lazy about it and I want to have all this stuff out of carboys and either in the bottle or barrel by the time we go camping again, so I can really do a major garage cleaning.