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Toronto was fun. Nothing super-exciting happened, so I won't do a recap, instead I will do a list.

0 - Times I heard "Eh?" (WTF?)
1 - SDMBers/LJers met
3 - Poutines eaten
5 - Days spent in Toronto
6 - Bars visited* (not counting repeat visits to same bars or hotel bars)
15 - CMEs completed

Anyway, it was a good trip. I got more CEs done that I usually do since I planned a little better (get hard partying out of the way on the first two nights, when sessions start later) while still managing to get a decent pub count in. The sessions were mostly quite good, though there were some sleepers. The weather held up nicely all but the last day when it got a little chilly and sprinkled a bit. I would say the only problem I had was that everyone was out of Marlboro Lights everywhere I went, so I had to smoke DuMauriers, which reek!

Now, it's two days of work and then off to the river! I think I can handle that.

*Westin bar, Irish Embassy, Fionn MacCool's, Bier Markt, The Fat Belgian, The Village Idiot, C'est What, Fairmont Royal York bar.