Vince (democritus) wrote,

I mentioned a while ago that I had set up BarTor on my G1, so I could start torrent downloads on my home PC remotely. It works great, but I don't like leaving my computer on at home all the time so I started using it less and less and was bummed out when I wanted to use it but knew my PC was off. I've always been intrigued by Wake on LAN, but never had a reason to use it until now. I enabled it in my BIOS and was able to wake the computer up from a networked machine but couldn't do it online, which made it useless. Then I remembered that DD-WRT could do Wake on LAN, so I installed that on our router and configured it and now it's all set! So, with a single click on my phone I can wake up my home PC, then submit a torrent download using BarTor and, tada! Whatever I want to watch/listen to is downloaded when I get home. Pretty snazzy!

OF COURSE I only use it to download non-copyrighted media!
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