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Mar. 10th, 2010

Just got back from Alice in Wonderland. I liked the reworking of the story. It was pretty solid.

I've been reading about edible wild plants for a few months now, partially in preparation for writing my book about Taylor Mountain and partially just out of interest spawned from watching things like Survivorman and Man Vs Wild. Anyway, I went on a ride last week and spotted my first one. I brought back a leaf for positive identification, since I didn't have my field guide with me and it was the right plant, so I went back today to take some pictures and harvest some of it. It's called claytonia perfoliata, commonly known as Miner's Lettuce. Made a little salad with just the Miner's Lettuce and some oil and vinegar dressing. It was actually very tasty. The leaves are succulent and peppery and the stalks have a nice crisp to them.