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A weird thing about being on Facebook all the time (and not being on the SDMB or LJ much anymore) is that I am starting to forget people's message board usernames. It's a strange paradigm shift, since that is all I knew many people by for years and now they are filed in my brain under their real, full names and I have to struggle sometimes to remember what their handles were.

And, since I'm here, in other news:

Our Xbox got the Red Ring of Death the other day. I took it apart and re-seated the video and CPU heatsinks and got it running. But then, after I put the case back on, it went back to RRoD. Last night I cooked it by wrapping it in a blanket and letting it overheat and that did the trick, so it's working again. We'll see how long it lasts. I have one of the new, slim, 250GB Xbox models being delivered today anyway, so now Shan and I can play Left4Dead together (I usually play on PC) without using stupid split screen.

School is going well. Taking the last three classes I need for my hippie degree: Government, Speech and an ethnic studies class. Staying busy with that reading/work. All of the classes are pretty fun so far. Plus, my ethnic studies teacher is hot. There's something extra-enticingly dirty about undressing a feminist with your eyes.

Half marathon training is going good so far. I have my longest run so far coming up tomorrow, six miles. It's pretty tough on the feet and knees of this old Clydesdale, but I will carry on because it's the most effective way to lose all the weight I have put on, oh, since high school. Actually I think this is the lightest I've been since my army days, but I still feel fat, bah. Some people have muscle memory, I have beer gut memory.

Should be a fun weekend. Tonight is Old School Chat Night, tomorrow afternoon Shan and I are going to Healdsburg for a beer fest in the square then Sunday is up for grabs. I really want to go out to the coast because Shan has never seen whales before and there are some hanging out right off Bodega Head, there's also a festival going on at Annadel/Spring Lake Park all this weekend and then we may go over to a friend's house to watch football Sunday evening. In any case, there will be no rest for the wicked, and no rest in the foreseeable future. I'll rest when I die.

Speaking of dying, I'm going to attempt to quit smoking, yes, AGAIN. Picking up Chantix today.

Woot, Friday!


Sep. 10th, 2010 03:43 pm (UTC)
beer gut memory <---- Respect