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I started a trial of Rift last night, made it up to 10 or 11 as a warlock-based mage. It's pretty much exactly like WoW with a few differences. The rifts are big outdoor world events with an automatic raid invite if you're in the area and automatic loot distribution. I participated in a couple minor ones and it was a blast. Warhammer Online had this as well and it was one of the few things I liked about that game. The graphics in Rift are MUCH smoother and prettier than WoW, which is to be expected, since it's a newer game. The talent system in Rift makes for much more diverse possibilities in character creation although I hear that in the end game there are only a few viable builds. Still, I think it could be really fun in pvp since there are so many different combinations that there is pretty much a counter for every setup. I have read that the classes are quite imbalanced right now for pvp, with warriors > all but that happens from time to time in any MMO as they try to balance the classes (for all I know this may even be intentional, it wouldn't surprise me).

What I am really enjoying right now is exploring the world and it reminds me of what I loved about WoW was discovering the world with friends. Once I had seen everything and it became a gear grind the game got old quick. I may play Rift for a while if pvp is enjoyable (oh and you get xp from pvp, so NO twinks, yay!) There is still something about the WoW interface that has been better than any other MMO I've tried and I always have a hard time putting it in words. It's not quite responsiveness, but when you do something in WoW it 1)has a perfect relation to the key/mouse clicks and/or movements and 2) the feedback in the UI is synched perfectly to what's going on at the moment. I know that is really obscure but it's one of the things that makes WoW so immersive unlike other games. In WoW you can really get into *being* the toon unlike *playing* the toon (and I'm not talking about role playing either). Here's one example: When you are playing WoW, and you run your guy off a cliff, you actually feel that falling sensation because it's like *you* are falling. I have yet to feel that in any other game.


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Jul. 12th, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)
I would call you a nerd, but I've spent my morning looking at black and white beach images on shorpy.com and trying to choose between a lavender shell covered or beige with mauve ribbon accent reticule.

So, yea. :)
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