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Good weekend! Lots of fun!

We met the lovely and talented jdoh and her friend Stephanie in St. Helena after work Friday for the "Cheers" wine tasting event. This was our first time going and I thought it was pretty neat. They close off a couple streets downtown and bring out a bunch of food vendors and then all the wineries set up a table in all the stores. So, you basically browse through the stores and grab a taste of wine and walk around downtown drinking and eating, oh, and there are multiple stages set up with musical acts. I think it's a great idea but there are also a couple downsides: The event costs $35 (usually, but we got free tix, big props to Stephanie!) and, if I'm paying for wine tasting, I want a decent sized pour, not a dribble, which is what I mostly got here. Granted, a lot of places were pouring reserve wines, but STILL, I need enough to taste, not just to coat the side of my glass. Also, going to events with over-privileged people like this one makes me realize how much I hate people. Here are a couple examples why: After someone gets their wine taste, they just stand in front of the table like idiots, sipping their wine, while there is a line of people waiting to get tastes. WTF? It's not wrong to ask the tasting staff questions, but move your dumb ass out of the way so other people can get their pours while you wax on about that pinot's lofty characteristics, or about how it tastes like vinegar, or whatever! More "getting in my way" douchebaggery was to be found outside, where clusters of shitheads would group up in the middle of the sidewalk as people tried to walk by. Hello? There are other people here. Like, LOTS of other people! Move to the side, shitheads! Both of these behaviors are typical at other wine events, like the Harvest Fair Gala, and I just don't get it. What is wrong with people?

Anyway, we still had fun, and had our wine and some tamales to boot! :) Afterward we came back to Santa Rosa and had dinner at Flavor, with a couple bottles of wine, and then finished off a The Zoo (of course!) Awesome times!

Saturday and Sunday were both spent killing millions of zombies interspersed with eating junk food and watching Pawn Stars, which is fascinating and hilarious. I've been playing lots of Left4Dead 2 lately, again, and I must say, I kick ass. I am SUPER excited about the release of Dead Island, which comes out in one month. It's got one of the most beautiful game trailers I've seen and the the campaign and multiplayer play look like a blast. The game uses the brand new Chrome Engine 5 and looks beautiful. The zombies have a multi-layered damage system so, instead of just hacking off a limb and seeing blood spatters on your screen, you can see the skin, muscle, and bone levels come apart independently. Oh yeah baby, it's going to be gory as hell! :)