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Too Long For FB

I started lifting weights this morning, after years and years of really only doing cardio and calisthenic-type exercises. It felt good but reminded me of one reason I hate lifting: Other people. Some jackass was on the squat station for over 45 minutes, taking five minute breaks between each set. I even asked him if he was done after his first (presumably, I don't know, maybe he was there for hours beforehand) exercise but, no, he just kept dicking around. Anyway, I had a good workout. My friend Anna recommended this book, The New Rules of Lifting, and it has good explanations of not only exercises, but programs and the theory behind them. So, I'm using that to get started. I think I may have pulled something already, grrr.

In other news, yesterday was my "official" quit date for smoking. I'm taking Chantix again, this is the third round and, so far, the only one that has given me serious side effects. I got BAD stomach pains the first week I was on it but they seem to have subsided. The only thing I've experienced before was awesome dreams. This time I've had a few, just not as potent as before. I also feel like the drug is less effective than before, since the last two times I just quit smoking without really thinking about it. This time I still feel like smoking. I wonder if they changed the formulation or something. Oh well, I'm giving it a shot at least. Speaking of dreams I had an interesting one last night where Shan and I were about to be eaten by crocodiles but I woke up right before the crunching and munching began.

In totally unrelated news, is it true that people used to have to start airplanes by spinning the prop (and yelling "CONTACT!" of course)? I don't know why I was thinking about it but that just seems really dangerous. Didn't anyone get their arms chopped off doing that? What about cars? I seem to remember some old movies with cars being cranked from the front but that seemed more of like a fix than a standard procedure that you had to do to start it every time. Oh, I know what made me think of it, I was watching The Little Prince yesterday and it got me thinking about planes.

Oh yeah, school is going well. I was really concerned at the beginning that I had turned stupid or something because it took a lot of thought and study to get the concepts but everything is coming in just fine now. I think it was just the 15 year lapse since the last time I had taken math that was causing me grief. Now that my brain is back in math mode it seems better. I'm getting a 99% in the class, so it's all good. I hope I don't have the same issues going back after summer though. Honestly I'm getting a little burned out already. I do this every time I go to school, I get all excited at the beginning and then it peters out about mid term. I honestly can't remember taking a class that I didn't enjoy though. It's just that I get lazy.


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Apr. 9th, 2013 11:38 pm (UTC)
Yeah, people started airplanes by spinning the prop. Yelling "contact!" let the prop spinner know the starter was engaged. Not really the starter, but the electrical system that you need in place so the spinning prop fires the cylinders to keep the engine running. It's a thing I learned at the Air Force Museum of Flight in Dayton. Not something I just knew.

The crank in front of the car is real too. Grandpa told us about it as kids. If you didn't put the car in neutral (or really just out of gear since it was a standard shift, cranking the engine would turn the pistons and the engine would start, like "kick starting" a modern standard shift car) the crank would come around and break your arm. Once the car was running, you'd take the crank out of the front of the car and drive away.

Electric starters are really nice.

Edited at 2013-04-09 11:39 pm (UTC)
Aug. 18th, 2013 05:11 am (UTC)
I'm a little more than a little buzzed right now (Sunday, August 17th 2013) and I was really hoping to leave a comedic, witty and insightful comment but it doesn't appear that I'm going to be successful in this endeavor. It's been such along time since we've connected and I was hoping to make an impression. You should note that I'm leaving this comment using my phone and as far as my blurred eyes can tell I haven't misspelled anything nor my predictive text placed any unattended words. That in itself is fucking impressive. So, there you fucking go... I just impressed the shit out of you. Goal accom-fucking-plished.

Love you Vince
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