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Monday already? DAMN!

That was a fast weekend.

Saturday I had school in the morning and then Shan and I went driving around looking at churches and other sites to get married at. We took a nice long drive out to Sonoma and back around through Glen Ellen, Petaluma and back home. When we got back I went for a beer run and came back with a case of Sierra Nevada and a bottle of 100 proof SoCo. Bad idea. I got so fucking hammered. The night is a blurry haze... But it was fun...I think. ;-)

Sunday we got up around noon and ran over to Chevy's to pick up chips, salsa, BBQ hot wings and a big sampler platter to go. We came home, plopped down in front of the tube and watched the superbowl. Pretty interesting game, I suppose. Shan and I were bnoth rooting for the Pats, so that worked out well. Bono is a retard and can't someone, for once, just sing the fricken national anthem as it was WRITTEN instead of adding in all this crap?

Now it's monday and I'm back at work. Boo hoo.