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They want you for a new recruit!

I just got to school a few minutes ago and saw some army guy walking around in his class As. I was thinking about what I really hated about the military because, frankly, there was a lot of it that I enjoyed. Riding around in tracked vehicles and humvees, shooting all sorts of guns, 80% free tuition, getting to use million dollar equipment like NVGs and cool supercomputers for wartime simulation, working 5 hour days for months on end, getting paid to go to Toronto for a week for a nuclear medicine convention, etc, etc... There was a lot that I totally hated though and this was the biggest thing: The complete and utter disregard for LOGIC.

I remember the first time I realized that I hated the military and couldn't stay in. I had been in for about a year and within the last month had my car stolen with most of our favorite things in it (we were traveling from CA to TX(where I was stationed at the time) and had the car stolen in Phoenix). Anyway, they eventually found my car, trashed, in Vegas. I went and picked it up, had it fixed and detailed so it was like new. A few days later I was pulling out of the motor pool parking lot and some jackass almost hits me. I yell out my window, "Watch where you're going asshole!" Well, the next day I was called in to the commander's office. It turns out I yelled that at the first sergeant(the head enlisted guy in the company). I sat down in the office with the cmdr and 1st sgt and they ask me if I said it. I told them I had and why. The cmdr asked me to apologize and I said no, the 1st sgt shouldn't have been driving like a moron. The cmdr insisted on an apology with the reason that I was disrespecting a higher ranking person. I said no, I won't apologize for yelling at someone who almost hit me. In fact, I want an apology from the 1st sgt for driving like a maniac. The cmdr told me if I didn't apologize, he was going to give me an article 15(and take MONEY!). So I asked, "If I had yelled that at someone my rank or below, would I be getting an article 15?" cmdr:"No" Me:"What if I just yelled the same thing at someone my own rank or below for no reason?" cmdr:"Nope"

I couldn't believe it. Well, I was poor and money meant more than principles, so I asked if I could submit a written apology. The cmdr agreed and I proceeded to type out the most scathing insult of an apology I had ever written. It was accepted with a smile. I wonder if those dumb bastards ever figured out what I actually wrote in that letter. Probably not, they were probably too busy polishing their rank for some parade.

Anyway, that's a common mentality in the military. 90% of the people I met in the military were worthless fucks. To put that in perspective, I'd say about 20% of the people I meet now that I'm out are worthless fucks. I met two of my best friends in the army though, so what do ya do?

Did I mention I'm getting paid $600/month to sit here and write this? The GI Bill kicks ass...