June 11th, 2013


Too Many Words For FB

I read an article that CA received transportation funds from the federal government a few days ago. The next day I noticed that a long-dormant road project had started up again. They have all sorts of equipment out there and I nearly drove off the road ogling all the big trucks and scoops and whatnot. I don't think my childhood obsession with big earth movers will ever falter. When I was a kid there was nothing more fun for me than digging a hole. It didn't have to actually be for anything, just digging it help all the pleasure. This may be the only sure evidence of my Mexican heritage. There was always the suspicion that I may have belonged to the Chinese astronaut my mom had a brief affair with in the early 70s. This was reinforced by the fact that my family was continually asking me to "do the Chinese eyes". Racists.

You know how sometimes, when you are sick, your body feels like it is expanding to fill the room? I kind of feel like that today. And sometimes my limbs feel out of synch with the rest of my body or with each other. Like I consciously have to move them independently. I don't know if it's just the mood I'm in or if I have some sort of weird dissociative disorder that Oliver Sachs would write about or if alien puppet masters have invaded my body, but it's weird. Could be too many video games.

I'm about 40% through Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. While it's very interesting I feel the same way I felt when I was about that amount of the way through Anathem: Like I'm ready to read something else. That man's vocabulary is amazing but, Jesus, Too Many Words! Here are my top three worst things about reading:
1) Getting to the end of a beloved series.
2) Not having any more good books to read.
3) Having a crap ton of good books you want to read and wanting to read them NOW, but having to finish what you're on (or the few that you are on) first.