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I reserved a slip for this weekend at the marina at Jack London Square. Jack London Square is a place in oakland that...has a lot of jack London stuff. ;-) Like the shack he lived in during the Yukon Gold Rush, a replica of his old ship, etc. There is a bunch of other historic crap there as well. Anyway, we're going to an A's game saturday, so we'll leave San Rafael real early and head over to JLS. There, we'll dock and take the BART over to the Coliseum. That should be fun.

Yes, I said taking the BART should be fun. For two reasons, actually.

See, I am not a jaded commuter/city dweller like you fine people, so taking the BART/streetcar/Metro/etc is kind of like a ride for me.

Also, Shannon has never been on the BART or Metro, so I get to show her what CLEAN public transportation is like. I still maintain that New York is a complete shithole and the Subway is a ridiculous exercise in self-abuse. I hope New York burns to the ground. If you have a specialty in blowing up water mains/arson/terrorism, drop me an e-mail at eldestructo@plague.dyndns.org and we will talk about "cleaning up" New York.

Back to the weekend: We'll probably catch some touristy action there at JLS, but if any dopers in thwe area want to hook up saturday or early sunday, let me know. Maybe we can arrange for a little sailing or something if the weather is nice.