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Happy, happy, joy, joy!

My kids will be here tomorrow! Yeehaw! It's been a long six months. I think, one of these days, they'll walk in and be all grown up and then what will I do?

Today I need to go to the boat after work and put some silicone under the mast step. That's a metal plate that is attatched to the deck that you stand the mast up on. I believe it is the source of a leak into the cabin. We hadn't noticed it before, but this weekend we got into some real rough stuff, with waves crashing over the bow onto the deck and into the cockpit. So, I'll just seal it up really good and see if it still leaks next time we're out.

Tomorrow is going to be a costco run. Stock up on food and drinks for this camping trip coming up as well as get my kids lifejackets. I may pick up a wetsuit for me while we're there, too. Damn, my first patient is here already. Did I mention this is my last day of work for two weeks? Woooooo!