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Did I say I love Macy's earlier? What I meant was, I LOOOOOVE Macy's. I went on a self-congratulatory shopping trip and came away nicely. I was immediately drawn to a sign which advertised pants for $40, but there were a few different pants there. One pair of nice dress slacksI tried on and they fit like a glove. But they were marked at $80. I asked the girl which one's were 40 bucks and it turned out none of them were, so she gave me the ones I liked for $50! I also found a sweet short-sleeve button up shirt on the clearance rack for $30, down from $56. Yay me!

People who park on the middle tier of the mall parking garage are scummy. ::shudder::

Now I have Sierra Nevada, SoCo and smokes and I'm settling down in front of the computer for the night.