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May. 16th, 2005

Ok, I'm copying Shannon, and you (at least local) people should TOO!  If you live in or near San Francisco, go to Dodgeball.com(there are sites for other major cities as well.) and sign up.  The way it works is, when you're out on the town, you send a text to the site and, if any of your friends have checked in nearby, it will notify you.  I think that's pretty cool.  Anyway, my user name there is Democritus, or you can search for my name to add me.

Q: What is it?
A: dodgeball.com is a social networking site built specifically for mobile phones.

Q: What does it do?
A: The idea is simple: tell us where you are and we'll tell you who and what is around you.
We'll ping your friends with your whereabouts, let you know when friends-of-friends are within
10 blocks or alert you if any of your crushes are nearby.

Q: Give me an example.
A: Okay, so you're having drinks at Luna Lounge. Send us a text message telling us where you
are and we'll fire off a text message to all your friends telling them where they can find you.
If we find any friends-of-friends within 10 blocks, we'll ping you with their whereabouts too.
If you have a camera phone, we'll even send
you their picture.

Q: How do I use it?
A: Whenever you're out, use your mobile phone to send a text message to "sf@dodgeball.com" with a
"@" and then the name of the bar, restaurant or park you're at. e.g. @Luna Lounge, @Bowery Bar. When
we get your text message, we'll check to see if there's anyone you know nearby.

Q: So, how do you know who my friends are?
A: You need to tell us who your friends are, just like you did with those other social networking sites.

Q: So how is this different than those other social networking sites?
A: dodgeball.com is designed to help you meet up with friends and friends-of-friends while
you're out, not while you're sitting at home in front of your computer. Try "checking-in" the
next time you meet up with friends for drinks and see who you end up meeting up with.


May. 16th, 2005 05:33 pm (UTC)

Oh yea, I'm psycat90.

No big surprise there.