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I just found a foxtail stuck in the leg of my boxer briefs from camping two weeks ago.  See Jeff?  Foxtails are EVIL!

Yay, camping!  I'm leaving as soon as I get off work, which means I am going to kick my afternoon patients butts out of here as fast as humanly possible.  I cooked a roast down in the pressure cooker last night and I got some shrimp at CostHo yesterday so we'll have grilled shrimp(one marinated in half marinated in chile sauce, half marinated in jerk sauce) for dinner tonight and tacos tomorrow night.  Since I didn't have enough time to really plan meals out, we are having CHILI MAC for dinner the third night, lol.  For those poor unfortunate souls who don't know what chili mac is, it is chili and macaroni and cheese mixed together.  It's totally white trash but it's pretty good.  My kids used to beg for it.  It was a staple in the mess hall when I was in the army.

Arrgh, our doctor is late.  They better not be late in the afternoon or heads are going to fly.

I also wish LJ would fix their fucking time issues!