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Well, I gotta say, I am becoming a pho addict. I was getting super bored and tired sitting at the computer and didn't feel like going to bed so we decided to save the crabs for tomorrow and go get some pho at a local place called Pho Vietnam(the mind boggles to think of how many establishments there are with that name). I don't know if the peppers were extra special hot this time or what but after we both dropped a couple slices in our bowls and started slurping away we were both crying and sniffling. I think they may have just been extra seedy but damn my throat clamped down something fierce, and I consider myself pretty tolerant of hot stuff. Anyway, it was super good and just the thing to wake me up.

Now if I could only figure out why LJ is making me log in every time I post. Arrgh.

Back to stumbling...


Nov. 27th, 2006 04:34 pm (UTC)
I'm down with it!