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Yosemite Recap

First, the important thing: The evidence(lots o' pictures)

And now,

Thursday started with Shan and I saying farewell to Pat and leaving the house at about 7 am. By 1 we were at our campsite in Upper Pines in Yosemite Valley. We got set up within an hour or so, thanked god that the bear boxes were bigger than the previous years(so our huge cooler would fit) and settled down to the task of relaxing with some beers. Paola(seadiver) and Justin(nextinian) showed up shortly thereafter and, once they got set up, we continued the chillin'.

Though we had drank mightily the previous evening, Friday we decided to do a "short hike" to the top of Vernal Falls via the Mist Trail

and then back down the John Muir Trail.

It was a great hike, especially having done it before with grander schemes(this hike is also part of the hike to get to Half Dome), it felt like just the right amount of exertion to warm up the legs for Upper Yosemite Falls, which was originally planned for the next day. Shortly after we got back to camp Alex(jamespolk) and Lani(sarahpolk) showed up and got settled. Jason, Kim and Kelly showed up later on in the evening and we all joined in to help them pitch tents in the dark.

Saturday found me not as enthusiastic(read: hung over) about doing our planned hike, but luckily Alex and Lani, as per SOP, were up and out early and had discovered we could raft down the merced river. To be honest, I was reluctant at first because it was 20 bucks per person to sit in a raft for a few miles on a mostly calm stream, but after doing it I would have paid much more. It really was a blast, sometimes paddling for your life(not really) and sometimes just floating, it provided great views of the valley and lots of time to just talk and laugh and enjoy each other's company. We even got a few mini-rapids. After that it was back to camp where Sonya(srb) finally joined us, then it was more of the usual fire, food, beer, philosophical inquiries, etc...

The day of "The Hike" had arrived and with a bit of coaxing("Are you guys SURE you want to do this?") we headed out to the Upper Yosemite Falls trailhead. We had discussed before, since some people didn't feel they were completely up to it, that we'd do the hike with no expectations and that some or all of us could turn around if we felt too tired or whatever.

We started out kind of inch worming it with some of us ahead and some of us behind and we'd regroup every now and then. After about a third of the hike we ended up splitting off completely and about half the group continued up the rocks.

The hike was pretty strenuous but I never really felt completely out of breath until we hit the very top, and then I was huffing and puffing hard. The vistas from the top were well worth it, as were eating and sticking my tired dogs into the river.

Going down hill felt great and we made it back in about half the time it took to get up. The absolute worst part of the hike was getting on the bus at the end and sitting on it for half an hour before realizing IT WASN'T MOVING. We finally decided to just jump off the bus and walk the rest fo the way to camp, which was actually a nice cooldown for the legs. By the time we had come back Kelly had taken off(due to sickness or possibly booty call) and we settled in for campfire time once more.

Monday we drove up to Glacier Point and took in the awesome views of the whole valley and the mountain ranges beyond.

Shan had packed a bottle of wine and a light picnic lunch which was just perfect. We snapped lots of pictures and then justin and Paola had to take off to begin their hellacious drive back down to San Diego. On the way back we stopped at a couple other vista points for more photos.

When we got back we headed over to Jason's Swimmin' Hole(tm) to jump in the river(BRRRR!!!!) and lounge in the sun for a few hours before struggling to light a fire with the last of the wood and finally passing out early.

Tuesday the remaining people packed it up and we all headed home and back to work(yuk)

It was such a wonderful time. I'm seriously awed at yosemite each time I visit and being there with friends to share it with is absolutely amazing. Next time...Half Dome? Panorama Trail? Hmmm...



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May. 30th, 2007 11:23 pm (UTC)
Awesome pictures honey. I can't wait to go back already.
May. 31st, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
Nice pictures. Yosemite is beautiful, as always. I wish we could have gone.
May. 31st, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)
Great photos! Glad to read you had such a good time. I got sick and didn't even leave the apartment all weekend. :(
May. 31st, 2007 05:53 am (UTC)
I am so jealous. Do you know in seven years of living in SF, I never made it to Yosemite.
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